Want to be part of POP’s ‘net positive attitude’?

How can we work to ensure more circularity, sustainability and eco-design? Together, that’s how! Since we’re stronger together than alone, POP wants to initiate a dialogue. Want to be part of it?

In 2023, POP won an Ecovadis gold medal for its CSR initiatives. This prestigious recognition of our efforts encouraged us to push on to the next level with you.

Circularity in mind

Next level? At Kozmoz, as at POP, we firmly believe that companies are one of the keys to building and creating a better future. Which is why we want to open up a dialogue between all the stakeholders we work with: brands, distributors, producers, points of sale and others who share the same values and goals.

The aim is to further reduce our carbon footprint while always keeping circularity in mind.

Like Paul Polman, the Dutch founder of Imagine, a socially-minded organisation that brings together a community of business leaders in the fight against climate change and global inequalities, we believe in the concept of the ‘net positive’ company, where collaboration is one of the key pillars. Because working together, we can do better than working alone.