POP’s sister company Kozmoz awarded a new EcoVadis silver medal

For over three years now, POP Solutions has been working on a daily basis to make the POS sector more sustainable.

Kozmoz, POP’s sister company, is based in Mechelen.

Awarded, again in 2023, an EcoVadis gold medal for its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, it also helped its sister company, permanent display specialist Kozmoz, to achieve silver for the second consecutive year.

EcoVadis : a license to operate

Assessment by the independent organisation EcoVadis is a key international indicator for CSR. These days, an EcoVadis medal is a kind of “licence to operate”, explains POP Sustainability Manager Thierry Pauwels. “As well as helping us keep our finger on the pulse, it’s also a must-have to participate in tenders and keep up with the competition. Companies with a higher EcoVadis rating can offer stronger guarantees in terms of environmental impact and ethics. As the world’s most trusted corporate sustainability classification, EcoVadis ensures businesses aren’t just greenwashing but are taking real action to make the world a better place.”

Silver, for the second consecutive year

Before POP acquired a majority stake in the firm in January 2023, Kozmoz had achieved an EcoVadis score of 43/100 – not enough for a bronze medal. “At Kozmoz, we set great store by operating responsibly, but our commitment wasn’t always demonstrable. Thanks to Thierry and his team, we were able to make things more tangible,” says Dirk De Win, Kozmoz Managing Partner and CEO. In May 2024, the POP Solutions Group member picked up a silver medal for the second consecutive year. Indeed, its score of 66/100 places Kozmoz in the top 15% of all companies rated in the Advertising & Market Research sector.

A responsible future, including for customers

This silver medal for Kozmoz is only the beginning, says Thierry. “In 2024, we aim to further close the gap between Kozmoz and POP, while in 2025 we’ll be moving towards full integration of our CSR management.” And that’s good news not only for the planet but also for the group’s customers. “Among other things, we’re currently developing a service that will enable our customers to work out their carbon footprint per product display. With initiatives like this, we’re making it possible for our customers to objectively choose more environmentally friendly alternatives. This offers them another way to reduce the ecological footprint of their POS material and boost their image in terms of societal commitment.”

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