Get ready to enhance your festive drinks sales!

It’s time to plan your drinks promotions for the end-of-year season!

Martini Brut campaign

Drinks are an integral part of end-of-year celebrations, where conviviality and sharing are at the heart of social events. Now’s the time to plan your festive POS to ensure your brand takes pride of place at these celebrations.

But why act so early? Because planning, including choosing designs and materials, is key to an effective POS strategy. Grabbing customers’ attention in a crowded aisle among a plethora of wines, spirits and soft drinks requires informed decisions. Your displays must not only reflect the essence of your brand, but also offer a unique visual experience that arouses interest and desire.

At Kozmoz, we’re experts in the manufacture of premium fittings that truly enhance your products. Drawing on our know-how and experience, we can advise you on the most suitable materials and create refined worlds that make your beverages stand out from the crowd.

Discover our premium, permanent display for the Bombay Sapphire gin brand, or our multi-material cabinet for Martini, as elegant as it is adaptable. Each design combines aesthetics and functionality, while demonstrating meticulous craftsmanship. This is the Kozmoz’s strength!

Thanks to our personalised approach, our Kozmoz are designed to meet your specific needs. From multi-material displays to LED integration and interchangeable visuals, from counter-top frames to mini-displays – the only limit is your imagination!

Trust us with your next project and you’ll benefit from Kozmoz’s extensive resources, including:

  • premium manufacturing at large quantities;
  • a wide range of materials sourced mainly from renewable resources;
  • a one-stop shop;
  • a single, dedicated partner to take charge of your project from A to Z;
  • and, above all, a team passionate about creativity and innovation.

Contact us now to plan your festive POS solution – get ready to dazzle your customers with unique, premium displays that showcase your brand’s strengths.