A vintage POS solution for the wine department of cora Concorde Luxembourg

Following on from POP Solutions Group’s revamp of cora Concorde Luxembourg’s parapharmacy and beauty departments, the hypermarket commissioned us to redesign its wine department. Mission accomplished?

Hervé Krieger, Head of the cora Concorde in Luxembourg

“When the question of revamping and customising our wine department arose, we naturally thought of POP Solutions Group,” explains Hervé Krieger, director of the chain in the Grand Duchy. “We had already worked together on the parapharmacy and beauty sections, as well as on other areas in several of the chain’s stores in Belgium. Once again, POP came out on top in the tender process.”

What set POP Solutions Group apart? “POP’s proposal dovetailed perfectly with the expectations of the store’s customers,” continues the manager. “It had the wow factor, without being too over the top. Although we more or less reused our existing material, the result is as good as new, modern, top quality, tasteful and in line with the image we want to convey.” In short, exactly the intended outcome.

A revamped wine department in six months

The decision to redesign the department was made in October 2021, with the department ‘opening’ six months later. In the retail sector, this may seem like a long time and also no time at all. “This isn’t the kind of project you do in a hurry,” explains Hervé. “We had to take into account a range of requirements.” So turning the wine department upside down at the end of the year, let alone dismantling it during the traditional wine fair, was not an option.

The availability of materials during the ongoing shortage also had to be considered. “Thanks to some excellent forward and retro planning, and despite a few readjustments by mutual agreement, the work was ultimately completed within a time frame that was ideal for everyone,” explains the director with satisfaction.

A reliable partner

This is because the ‘site’ was never called into question or stopped, and that was all down to the solid understanding between the two partners. “The quality of our relationship with POP is clearly one of its assets,” says the director of cora Concorde. “You know that you can count on the availability of the teams and that you will get your desired result, even if they have to come back a few times to make the odd adjustment. Not all providers offer this type of service, especially when it comes to making minor tweaks.”

Hervé emphasises his appreciation for POP’s ability to listen to the customer’s needs and expectations and to constantly adapt: “POP was present at every stage of the project.”

A coherent whole

This is the third project that POP Solutions Group has worked on at cora Concorde. “Although there’s a world of difference between wine and beauty, it all forms a coherent whole,” says the happy customer. “There’s a real sense of continuity, a joined-up feel throughout the store.”

For the time being, it is difficult to say whether this new look has already had an impact on sales. “Our main aim is to inspire people and add some sparkle to their daily lives,” says Hervé. “The work aligns with the aims of the brand and the store. We simply have to wait and see if it achieves the intended results.” Just like you wait for a good wine to get even better…

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